Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells

by amy on 1 October 2014

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed ShellsI love the combination of chicken, broccoli, and alfredo sauce (or really, any cream or cheese sauce). I’ve had that combination in many pasta dishes, rice dishes, and casseroles, but had never tried it in stuffed pasta shells until I made this meal a couple months ago, and now I am totally hooked on it in this form. This recipe has become a regular in our household, since it is SO delicious, super simple to prepare, makes fantastic leftovers AND is loved by both the adults + Fearless Baby. Whenever a recipe can cover all four of those things, I’m sold!

In this recipe, tender shredded chicken is tossed with rich alfredo sauce, cheddar + parmesan cheeses, + chopped broccoli, then stuffed generously into jumbo pasta shells, topped with a little more cheese (you can never have too much!), and baked until bubbly and golden brown. Mmmm. I am seriously making myself SO hungry just thinking about this recipe again! It makes about 20 stuffed shells, which serves 4-5 people as a main dish, but it is easily doubled + prepped ahead of time, so it would be fantastic for a big family get-together or party, too. I can’t wait for y’all to try this meal + I hope you love it as much as we do!

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells

Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Pasta Shells

serves 4-5, adapted from Sweet Dash of Sass


1 jar (which is typically around 15 oz or 1 3/4 cups) alfredo sauce, divided (or feel free to use homemade alfredo sauce if you’re feeling fancy! I typically use Classico Creamy Alfredo Sauce)
2-3 cups cooked chicken, shredded (from 2 large chicken breasts, or 1 rotisserie chicken)
2 cups cooked broccoli, chopped
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
1.5 cups shredded or grated Parmesan cheese, divided
kosher salt + black pepper, to taste
20 jumbo pasta shells (which is half of a 12 oz box), cooked according to the package instructions


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In a medium mixing bowl, combine 1.25 cups alfredo sauce (reserving 1/2 cup for later), shredded chicken, chopped broccoli, cheddar cheese and 1 cup parmesan cheese. Add kosher salt + black pepper, if needed, to taste. Evenly + generously spoon the mixture into the pasta shells (all mixture will be used up between the 20 shells).

Spoon the remaining 1/2 cup alfredo sauce in the bottom of a 9×13″ baking dish (just enough to lightly coat the bottom of the dish). Arrange the stuffed shells in the baking dish (5 rows of 4 shells fits perfectly, as pictured above). Sprinkle the remaining 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese over the shells. Cover with aluminum foil and bake for 30 minutes. Then, uncover the shells, and bake for 10 minutes more, until the cheese is melted + bubbly, + beginning to brown.

Serve hot, with more cheese if desired!

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Single Serving Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie Today, I’m participating in a fun blogger event — the Secret Recipe Club. How does it work? Every blogger is secretly assigned another blog + chooses a recipe from that blog to make. On reveal day (today!), all of our posts go up at the same time, + everyone gets to see who was assigned to their blog, which recipe they chose, + how it turned out. Fun, huh?

I was assigned the wonderful blog The Spiffy Cookie, which was a fun treat, as I know Erin well, + we’ve even hung out in person! From all her fantastic recipes, I choose to try a sweet treat: this Single Serving Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie. I must admit, I was skeptical as to whether it would even turn out (I had never made a single-serving mug cake or cookie before), but it was too intriguing not to try. Y’all, consider me a convert! This was SO insanely delicious + incredibly easy to make. The result is a homemade cookie, in deep-dish form: Golden brown + slightly crisp on the outside, and ooey-gooey, warm + chocolatey on the inside. SOOO good, especially topped with a little ice cream. =) I timed it + it took me less than 4 minutes to gather/measure/mix the ingredients, then 15 minutes to bake it. That means that in less than 20 minutes, you have a decadent, scrumptious, from-scratch dessert. Delicious AND a little bit dangerous, I tell you!

Thank you to Erin for introducing me to this AMAZING treat + to the Secret Recipe Club for connecting me, yet again, with fantastic bloggers + amazing recipes! For all my previous Secret Recipe Club recipes, click here – there are TONS of awesome ones!

Single Serving Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie

Single Serving Deep-Dish Chocolate Chip Cookie

serves 1-2, adapted from The Spiffy Cookie


2 Tbsp unsalted butter
1 Tbsp brown sugar, packed
1 Tbsp white granulated sugar
pinch of salt
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
1 egg yolk
1/4 tsp of baking soda
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
2 Tbsp mini chocolate chips
ice cream, for topping (optional)


Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Have one 6-ounce ceramic ramekin ready.

In a medium microwavable bowl, melt the butter (this took me about 30 seconds). Vigorously whisk in brown sugar, granulated sugar, and vanilla extract for at least 1 minute. (Note: make sure you do this step! Otherwise you can wind up with grainy sugars in your cookie). Whisk in the yolk until blended. Mix in the salt, baking soda, and flour until well-combined. Using a spatula, fold in the chocolate chips. Mix until just combined, then transfer the batter into the ramekin.

Bake for 15 minutes or until the top is firm + golden (the inside will still be slightly gooey). Let cool for a few minutes, then serve, topped with ice cream! And remember, the ramekin will be hot from the oven, so be careful with your fingers!

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Slow-Cooker Chicken and Mushroom Farro RisottoFall is arriving in Nashville! The mornings and evenings are becoming delightfully crisp and cool, which is getting me excited for hearty cold-weather food, like stews, soups, and risottos. I recently came across this recipe for Slow-Cooker Chicken and Mushroom Farro Risotto and was intrigued. I love risotto and I really love slow-cooker meals, but I had never tried combining the two. The recipe was doubly intriguing, as it uses farro for the risotto, instead of the traditionally-used arborio rice. For those of you unfamiliar with farro (like I was until recently), it’s a hearty, nutty, wonderfully-textured ancient grain. So, this recipe got me to make risotto in the slow-cooker for the first time AND cook with farro for the first time. Gotta love trying new things in the kitchen!

Everything about this is SO delicious: the juicy, fall-apart tender chicken, the wonderfully flavorful mushrooms/onions/garlic, and the cooked-to-perfection farro, all in a truly divine, amazingly creamy parmesan sauce. I first made this on a night when my husband was not home for dinner, as he’s not a huge mushroom fan, so I didn’t think he’d dig it. After I made it + raved about how much Fearless Baby and I loved it, he asked if I’d be willing to make it again for him to try, too. I did a week later, and even though he admittedly didn’t devour every single mushroom, he said it was one of the best slow-cooker meals (and one of the best mushroom meals) he’s ever had. If this can win over a mushroom-hater, it must be truly amazing, right?! You’ve gotta give it a try + report back!

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Pasta With Carrots, Risotto-Style

by amy on 3 September 2014

Pasta With Carrots, Risotto-StyleIf you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I’m a HUGE pasta lover. Pasta dinners are pretty much my #1 go-to food, especially if I’m feeding a bunch of people (or want some awesome leftovers for the week). This particular pasta dish – Risotto-Style Pasta With Carrots — is one that I’ve made many times, but never photographed/blogged about until now, because it gets gobbled up so quickly! So, the last time I made it, I made sure to set aside a few minutes to take a couple quick pictures, so I could share it with y’all.

First, onions, pasta, + carrots are toasted in butter, bringing out complex, sweet, nutty flavors. Then, hot broth is added gradually to cook the pasta risotto-style, which results in a creamy, lush pasta. Finally, more butter + parmesan are added, adding even more richness and creaminess to the dish. The original recipe calls for carrots, which I did use here, but my husband (wisely!) pointed out that this would be great with lots of different types of root vegetables. Parsnips, butternut squash, and sweet potatoes would all be a fabulous substitute for the carrots, especially in the fall, when they’re in season. I can’t wait for y’all to try this dish – I promise that you are going to love it!

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Five-Minute Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse

by amy on 24 August 2014

5-Minute Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse {Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, + Vegetarian}

Today, I’m participating in a fun blogger event — the Secret Recipe Club. How does it work? Every blogger is secretly assigned another blog + chooses a recipe from that blog to make. On reveal day (today!), all of our posts go up at the same time, + everyone gets to see who was assigned to their blog, which recipe they chose, + how it turned out. Fun, huh?

I was assigned Natural Noshing, a fantastic blog full of tons of amazing-looking recipes. (Seriously, I bookmarked 9 recipes to try!) I decided to make Nora’s Five-Minute Strawberry Cheesecake Mousse, because it looked scrumptious, I had all the ingredients on hand, and it sounded like something that Fearless Baby would love. So, during Baby’s naptime, I quickly put it together, and sampled a bowl. It was excellent – light, wonderfully refreshing, and delightfully creamy. I loved the flavor of the chocolate shavings with the creamy mousse, so I decided to take it one step further and make a delicious parfait by layering it with chocolate pudding. Mmm. As I suspected, Fearless Baby loved it! And since it’s full of healthy stuff, I felt good about her eating it, too. And for those with dietary restrictions, it’s gluten-free, grain-free, + vegetarian as well. Whoop!

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