halloween wine bottles

by Amy on 29 October 2010

if you’re like me when planning a party, you get so wrapped up in executing details that you inevitably forget something. for me, usually an hour before the party starts, i realize that i have no sort of centerpiece or table decor + scramble to put something together from things already in the house or yard.

i saw this idea in woman’s day + thought it was clever, as all you need are wine bottles, a black sharpie + a white paint pen. i decorated the bottles for halloween, but you can easily adapt it for another holiday/occasion. i also added some small pumpkins + two faux spiders that we already had in the house.

i hope you all have a wonderful halloween weekend! if you’re searching for a last-minute decoration for a tabletop, give this a try. also, by setting up some wine glasses next to it, this will serve two purposes – as a cute visual seasonal decoration, as well as the self-serve bar for your guests.

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