the bostonians descended upon nashville

by Amy on 6 December 2010

as many of you know, my parents visited us this past weekend from boston + we had a wonderful time with them. on friday, we had drinks at our house, then went out to a fabulous dinner at park cafe. on saturday, they explored downtown franklin + the beautiful countryside, then in the evening we all cooked an amazing southwestern meal at home + went to the christmas art show opening at the art + invention gallery. on sunday, we had brunch at one of our favorite restaurants, marche, then checked out the holiday lights + decorations at the newly reopened opryland hotel. my parents flew back to boston in the early evening, leaving me just enough time to make it to the nashville food bloggers holiday get-together (thanks to the charming lindsay + taylor from love + olive oil for hosting!)

all in all, it was a delightful weekend, + not surprisingly, i was too busy socializing to get a blog post written for today. so, normal blogging will resume tomorrow. have a great monday, everyone!

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