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vodka + elderflower-tini

it’s friday, so you know what that means? happy cocktail time! today’s martini is inspired by two things. first, after reading wednesday’s recipe for polenta rounds topped with pesto chicken, scott of the foodie spot asked me what type of martini i would pair with ’em. i thought that something citrusy/lychee-ish would be nice, since the sharpness of those flavors would complement the richness of the pesto.

then i remembered that one of my nashville friends, jenni, had mentioned a drink recently from the restaurant sambuca that she thought i would like – the sambuca sling-back, which is made of vodka, st-germain (elderflower liqueur) + champagne. jenni had created a version at home, using vodka, st-germain, + club soda, + i’ve slightly adapted her recipe below. so scott, this is my answer: i think this martini would go great with the pesto chicken-topped polenta rounds. cheers to everyone!


vodka + elderflower-tini

makes 1 martini, adapted from sambuca (sorta) + jenni (who deserves most of the credit)


2 oz. vodka
1/2 oz. st-germain (elderflower liqueur)
4 oz. club soda
a handful of crushed ice
lemon, for garnish


combine vodka, st-germain, + ice in a martini shaker. shake well, + strain into a chilled martini glass. add club soda + gently stir. top with crushed ice, + garnish with a lemon twist. cheers!