soft mini-M&M cookies

by Amy on 20 March 2012

have i ever talked to you about my cookie preferences? well, let’s get it out there officially: i like my cookies to be soft. sure, if you throw a crunchy or crispy cookie at me, i’ll eat it, but it’s not going to steal my heart in the same way that a soft cookie will, especially one that’s still warm out of the oven.

i had a little free time yesterday afternoon, + decided it was the perfect time to do a little baking. honestly, though, is there ever a bad time to do some baking? i remembered that i had some mini-m&ms in the house, begging to be used, so i searched for a recipe to feature ’em, + stumbled across this fabulous-sounding recipe from how sweet eats. and let me say, i’m soooo glad i did.

these cookies have everything that my cookie-lovin’ heart adores. they’re delightfully soft + just the tiniest bit chewy, with a wonderful, buttery flavor. oh, + you know how some m&m cookies are super flat? these puppies have some serious height – they’re all over 1″ tall, which is pretty impressive. a cookie that both looks great + tastes amazing? i’ll take it! actually, i’ll take a whole bunch of ’em. =)

soft mini-m&m cookies

makes about 18 giant or 34 regular cookies (i opted for regular-size), adapted from how sweet eats


2 cups + 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/2 sticks (12 tablespoons) unsalted butter, melted + cooled
1 cup dark brown sugar, lightly packed
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 egg + 1 egg yolk, both at room temperature
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1 cup mini m&ms (plus extra for adding more to the tops of the cookies)


preheat oven to 325 degrees F.

mix the flour + baking soda in a bowl + set aside. in another bowl, whisk together the melted butter, brown sugar, + white sugar until they are combined. add the egg, egg yolk, salt, + vanilla + stir until mixed. gradually add flour + mix until a dough forms – it will look crumbly at first, but it will come together – i found that using my hands was the easiest way to mix it. fold in the m&ms.

decide if you’re going to make giant cookies, or regular-sized cookies + divide dough accordingly – 1/4 cup portions for giant cookies or 2 tablespoon portions for regular-sized cookies. roll each portion into a ball then place on a non-stick/silpat-lined baking sheet, leaving about 2″ between cookies. depending on how many m&ms are visible in the dough balls, feel free to add a few more m&ms to the tops/sides of the cookies – that’s what i did, which resulted in the gorgeously m&m-y cookies above.

amy’s optional step: put the baking sheet of cookies in the freezer for 5 minutes before baking. i do that with a lot of my cookies, which seems to result in them keeping a great shape + height.

bake for 12-15 minutes (giant cookies) or 8-12 minutes (regular-sized cookies) or until the cookies are golden, but the centers are still soft + puffed. take care not to over bake, unless you like crispy cookies. =)

let cool for about 5 minutes on the baking sheet, then transfer to a cooling rack. cookies will keep for about a week in an airtight container.

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1 Elina (Healthy and Sane) March 20, 2012 at 8:28 am

I remember when Jessica blogged about those cookies. They do look incredible!! :)

2 Tara @ Chip Chip Hooray March 20, 2012 at 8:41 am

I already oohed and aahed over these via Twitter, but had to comment as well! I’m such a sucker for soft, warm-from-the-oven cookies myself…crispy cookies just don’t do it for me. I have burned my tongue on way too many melty chocolate chips for that. 😉

3 danielle March 20, 2012 at 8:49 am

That is exactly how I like my cookies! Im thinking these would be a great spring cookie for the kids with those pastel m&m’s.

4 amy March 20, 2012 at 8:54 am

i absolutely love that idea, danielle – they’d be perfect for spring and/or easter that way!

5 Cassie March 20, 2012 at 8:57 am

these look perfectly soft. i love how colorful they are!

6 kristen @ notsodomesticated March 20, 2012 at 9:04 am

I made these cookies before, too … Jessica sure knows what she’s doing! They were a huge hit with the family at Christmas. I love my cookies soft and warm, too. My husband is crazy … he likes cookies that have been sitting out for a day. So not hard or crispy, but almost a little stale haha. He doesn’t like them straight out of the oven!

7 amy March 20, 2012 at 9:05 am

aren’t they awesome, kristen? i love that your husband likes cookies differently than you – that means that you two never have to fight over who gets the last cookie! you get the soft/warm ones + he gets the slightly crispier/cooler ones. =)

8 Ashley @ Kitchen Meets Girl March 20, 2012 at 9:06 am

Soft cookies are definitely the way to go, and these look amazing. Love the bright color of the M&M’s…I could use a dozen or so of these right now! =)

9 Caroline @ chocolate & carrots March 20, 2012 at 9:12 am

I’m with ya girl! Soft cookies all the way! 😀 These look absolutely mouth watering with those mini m&ms!

10 Steph@TheChickpeaChickadee March 20, 2012 at 10:42 am

YUM! They look crazy good and so cute. Love the way you food styled them. I agree with you on the whole soft cookie thing. The ones right out of the oven are the best ones:)

11 katie March 20, 2012 at 12:08 pm

yum! I’m all for soft cookies and add m&m’s into them and you’ve got yourself a winner!

12 Chung-Ah | Damn Delicious March 20, 2012 at 1:03 pm

I’m definitely a soft cookie gal too. And I can’t wait to give these a try. I love m&ms in my cookies!

13 Mai Nguyen March 20, 2012 at 1:08 pm

These look incredible!! I’m definitely trying these in my near future.

14 Rachel @ Baked by Rachel March 20, 2012 at 1:13 pm

I’m like you – soft all the way! I’ll eat a crisp cookie but I’d rather a soft and full flavored cookie :) These sound and look great!

15 Choc Chip Uru March 20, 2012 at 1:45 pm

I made m&m cookies a couple of weeks back and I just melted inside! Aren’t they the softest and most delicious cookies ever?
Yours look gorgeous!!!

Choc Chip Uru

16 Renee March 20, 2012 at 2:27 pm

I like my cookies soft too. Throw some m&m’s in there and YUM! Great job amy!

17 Kathryn March 20, 2012 at 3:11 pm

These cookies look just the perfect texture and the little M&Ms are too cute.

18 Mommyof2Girlz/StephD March 20, 2012 at 3:38 pm

I prefer mine soft too…except for my Oreo’s…lol These look AWESOME!

19 Stephanie @ Macaroni and Cheeescake March 20, 2012 at 3:55 pm

You had me at soft cookies! I love my cookies soft and I LOVE m&m cookies! This is right up my alley for sure!

20 Katia March 20, 2012 at 4:17 pm

I definitely prefer soft cookies rather then dry ones, and those little colourful m&m’s are so cute!

21 Ally Garner March 20, 2012 at 4:34 pm

I love a soft & chewy cookie too. That seems to be the consensus among the girls here as well! Love the fun, Spring look of these cuties. Bookmarking this for when the nephews come to visit next week – they’ll love ’em!

22 natalie (the sweets life) March 20, 2012 at 4:37 pm

i’m sitting at work SOOO wishing i had one of these right now!! i’m all about the soft cookies!

23 Megan @ Culinary Chops March 20, 2012 at 4:56 pm

So cute! I love that you love your cookies. And I like mine soft as well….otherwise I need a glass of milk or ice cream to help the dry cookie!

great post! Keep’em coming!

24 Amilia @justeverydayme March 20, 2012 at 7:49 pm

Mmm…these look incredible! :)

25 Wendy (The Weekend Gourmet) March 20, 2012 at 8:18 pm

These are so cute…and I love cookies that are a little chewy and a bit crispy around the edges!

26 Emily March 20, 2012 at 8:33 pm

This couldn’t have been posted at a better time. I’m making cookies for my son’s Easter party at school, and I was going to make my regular chocolate chip cookie recipe but sub pastel M&Ms for the chocolate chips. I think I’ll make these instead. :)

27 amy March 20, 2012 at 8:59 pm

awesome, Emily! I hope they are fabulous for your son’s Easter party – let me know how they turn out!

28 easyfoodsmith March 21, 2012 at 12:03 am

These look so cute and yummy! Can’t wait to try these. Boookmarked

29 claire @ the realistic nutritionist March 21, 2012 at 12:15 pm

Your plate is BEAUTIFUL!! And your cookies look sooooo yummy!

30 amy March 21, 2012 at 12:25 pm

thank you so much, claire! i got the plate from a craft fair – i totally need to get some more in different colors – it’s my favorite thing to photograph food on!

31 Jessica @ Cajunlicious March 21, 2012 at 12:34 pm

i love soft cookies and i love the m&m addition, great for added crunch!

32 lesley eats March 21, 2012 at 12:50 pm

I wonder what little birdie put the idea of M&M cookies in your mind…hrm… 😀

33 amy March 21, 2012 at 1:33 pm

honestly, it was my convo with you that reminded me that i had them in the house – so thank you! i shall also thank you in cookies next time i see you. =)

34 Jackie @ Domestic Fits March 21, 2012 at 1:36 pm

Soft and chewy and M&M’s??? Sign me up!

35 Rachel @ The Avid Appetite March 21, 2012 at 2:42 pm

Ok I totally could not agree with you more on the soft cookie situation. Growing up, I always preferred the chewy Chips Ahoy, while everyone else seemed to prefer regular style. Same holds true now…give me chewy and soft or give me nothing! (ok I’d still take crispy over nothing, but still..)

36 Erin March 21, 2012 at 3:16 pm

Mmm they should make mini M&Ms out of all the full-sized flavors.

37 sportsglutton March 21, 2012 at 3:42 pm

My wife and I go back and forth having serious “discussions” about whether soft or hard cookies are better. I’m the baker in the family, so the cookies are soft…thus I win. :-)

Great sounding cookies Amy.

38 Jen @ Juanita's Cocina March 21, 2012 at 4:20 pm

You had me at “delightfully soft”.

Pinned dahling. Cause, I too, like my cookies soft.

There’s a joke there somewhere….

39 Baker Street March 21, 2012 at 10:22 pm

MM in chewy buttery cookies! YUM! I would like nothing more than to start my day with a few of these.

40 Candy March 22, 2012 at 6:41 am

These are gorgeous! I like all cookies, crispy and soft and especially love the height you achieved on these.

41 tricia March 22, 2012 at 8:49 pm


42 Blond Duck March 22, 2012 at 8:59 pm

If you come up with a super soft pb cookie, I’ll bake you a pie.

43 amy March 22, 2012 at 9:12 pm

challenge accepted! =)

44 Baking Serendipity March 22, 2012 at 9:53 pm

I like soft cookies too, and anything with m&m’s is exactly perfect.

45 Erin @ Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts March 23, 2012 at 3:59 pm

I am a huge soft cookie fan! These look perfect! Thick, soft, and tons of M&M’s!!

46 Liz March 24, 2012 at 8:08 am

Mmmmmm….I just bought Easter colored white chocolate M&Ms…and now I have a recipe to try them in :) These cookies look fantastic!

47 amy March 24, 2012 at 8:16 am

ooh, these would be gorgeous with easter-colored m&ms – can’t wait to hear how they turn out!

48 Sherry January 13, 2013 at 10:02 pm

I bought some mini M&Ms to make gingerbread men with and found myself with a nearly full bag so I started looking for recipes to feature them in. I think I will have to give the How Sweet Eats recipe a try so thank you so much for posting the link.

49 cd123304 March 23, 2013 at 3:16 pm

These cookies were amazing! This is def the best recipe I have tried for m&m cookies! Thanks!

50 amy March 23, 2013 at 8:38 pm

I am so thrilled to hear that – so glad you liked ’em!

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