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birthday cake batter popcorn {for a milestone birthday!}

this has been an epic week. first, this past monday marked one year from when my husband pulled off our surprise wedding. one year of marriage down, hopefully many more to go! and today? it’s my birthday! and not just any birthday … the big 3-0. that’s right – i’ve officially left my 20s behind + can’t wait to see all the awesomeness that my 30s have in store!

if you’re like me, when you think birthday, you think birthday cake. but, it’s been hot in nashville lately, so the idea of anyone turning on an oven to bake me a cake just seemed cruel. the next best option? this delicious white-chocolate, mini m&m + sprinkle-covered cake batter popcorn that i’ve made before + was happy to have an excuse to make again! it’s beyond fun for a birthday, or really, any celebratory occasion. hope y’all have a great weekend – i’m off to enjoy my first day in my 30s!

cake batter popcorn

adapted from bakergirl


1 bag of microwave popcorn, popped
8 ounces of white chocolate candy coating, melted
4 heaping teaspoons of yellow cake mix
mini M&Ms
assorted colorful sprinkles


pop popcorn according to instructions + spread out on a paper towel, removing any kernels or burnt pieces, + place in a large bowl.

melt white chocolate in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until melted + smooth. stir in cake mix until smooth. immediately pour over popcorn. using a wooden spoon, mix the popcorn with the melted chocolate mixture until completely coated.

pour out onto wax paper or into a wax-paper lined jelly roll pan + spread into a single layer. sprinkle with sprinkles + mini-M+Ms until festive, then let cool + harden. break into pieces + enjoy!